Truck Security: Preventing A Truck Hijacking

Hijacking of long-haul trucks may not be all that common in the U.S. but occasionally it does happen. Below are a set of simple guidelines that can greatly increase your safety and the safety of your truck.

1. If you see someone trying to stop your truck because of an accident, be very aware of your surroundings and If you don’t immediately see signs of an accident, make a quick call to local law enforcement from your cell or CB.

2. Be very aware when picking up a cargo load since most hijackings occur at the pick up location or within several miles of the loading location.

3. Call local law enforcement if you believe that you are being followed.

4. Do not stop the truck if you think that an attempt is being made to hijack your truck.

5. Makes sure that doors and windows remain locked.

6. Always maintain a wide space in behind the truck, on the sides and in front of the truck. Don’t allow the truck to be boxed in.

7. Look around when stopped in traffic and be aware of anyone approaching the truck.

8. Always carry information on you that identifies your truck, cargo and equipment.

9. If a hijacking takes place, memorize as many details of the incident as you can and write them down at the first available chance for law enforcement.

This short list of suggestions is all that it takes to remain safe and ensure that your cargo and truck are not stolen. Memorizing them or keeping them in your truck can be very helpful.

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